2023-2024 NMCA Board

PresidentDianne Bergere, MA, LPC-S
Past-PresidentDianne Bergere, MA, LPC-S


Valerie Harrison, LPC


Osiris Wade, LPC-S, DMT, MFA, MS 


Jessica Cofield, LPC,
Registered Play Therapist 


Denine Hammonds, School Counselor

Emerging Leader


Hospitality Chair

Sholonda Miller, MA, LPC

Marketing and

Publications Chair

Alex Smerdon, CSC

Membership Chair


Advocacy Committee

Tiffany Uzor MS, NCC, LPC, CAMS II

Board Member at Large


President Elect (1st Year)

The President Elect or Vice President is a 3-year commitment. The President Elect becomes President the year following a term as President Elect and then Past President the year following a term as President. Upon the death or resignation of the President, the President Elect serves for the balance of the term for which the President was elected, as well as the following year. The President Elect must maintain membership in TCA. The President Elect or Vice President:

  • Coordinates professional development programs for the Chapter.
  • Performs the duties of the President in the absence or incapacity of the President
  • Is encouraged to attend the TCA Summer Leadership Training Institute.
  • Coordinates the formal recognition of the President at the final meeting of the year, at the installation of new officers, or some other appropriate time.

Chapter President (2nd Year)

The Chapter President is the presiding officer of the Chapter. Duties of the Chapter President are usually outlined in the Chapter Bylaws and Governance Manual. The Chapter President must maintain membership in TCA. The Chapter President:

  • Schedules and presides at all meetings of the Chapter and the executive committee. The executive committee should meet at least four times each year. These meetings serve as business meetings and normally precede regular Chapter meetings.
  • Prepares an annual report on the incoming officers, state of the affairs, the activities and the responsibilities of the Chapter and its committees to be presented to the TCA President in June.
  • Certifies to the TCA President the Chapter Senator or Senator Alternate thirty days before each Senate meeting.
  • Attends the TCA Summer Leadership Training Institute.
  • Appoints the members of Chapter committees, in accordance with the Chapter bylaws. The President is usually an ex-officio member without vote on all committees.
  • May appoint a Parliamentarian and a Historian who serves as custodian of permanent records.

Chapter PastPresident (3rd Year)

The Chapter PastPresident is usually a member with full voting privileges of the Chapter executive committee and/or Board of Directors. The Past President often serves as chair of the Nominations and Election Committee, advises new officers and supports the work of the executive committee.


The Chapter Secretary keeps records of the meetings of the executive committee and/or Board of Directors of the Chapter and signs the official minutes of Chapter meetings and functions. The Chapter Secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate membership records, as well as other duties as assigned by the Chapter executive committee.


  • Receives and deposits all dues and other revenue and makes disbursements as directed by the Chapter executive committee or Board.
  • Maintains accurate business records and provides regular financial reports to the Chapter leadership, Board and members
  • Is a signatory on Chapter bank accounts, along with the Chapter President, as designated in Chapter bylaws or governance manual
  • Coordinates the annual audit of the Chapter financial records with the individual (not Treasurer) appointed by the Board or President to conduct the audit
  • Coordinates the preparation of an annual Chapter budget

Membership Committee Chair

The Membership Committee Chair is in charge of the Membership Committee which promotes membership in the Chapter, TCA and ACA through membership drives; maintains an accurate roster of Chapter membership; publishes an annual directory; and reports on changes in membership status.